Along his own journey through the game, Zac realized the need for a more accessible, consistent method for coaches, parents, and organizations to learn more about how they can make a positive impact, especially for the youth. The desire to help fill this void inspired him to start Switching the Field.

Ever since his early days of elite 4-year old soccer (kidding), Zac has been playing and thinking about the sport. His playing career took him all the way through college and into the prestigious Sunday league, where he continues to play to this day. Zac began coaching while still a player, which is when he realized that coaching is something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He approaches the game from a broad perspective and continues to work at gaining more experience to further widen his scope. Throughout his coaching career, Zac has coached kids of all ages, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds across multiple states in the U.S. He has also coached adults as a part of multiple college programs and in international competition. Additionally, he has served in leadership and director roles at various programs at the college, high school, club, and recreational levels. He is constantly seeking knowledge and wisdom from everyone he encounters so that he can pay it forward and share with others.

Zac is currently obtaining his USSF A Youth License and actively holds his USSF B License, USSF National Youth License, NSCAA Premier Diploma, NSCAA Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma, and USYS TOPSoccer certification. He also serves as an instructor for various
USSF and NSCAA coaching courses.  

Who We Are

We are humble members of the greater soccer community doing our part to help the game. Aside from the many people in that community who are kind enough to give us their attention and support, we have several others who help bring our organization to life.

Most of these contributors work behind the scenes to provide our services. Without their support, efforts, and contributions, Switching the Field would not be able to serve the soccer community nearly as effectively.

Zac Ludwig

As the Founder and CEO of Switching the Field, Zac does his best to help others make great things happen. He's also the primary contributor to the blog. Unless otherwise specified, blog entries are written by him. Read more on Zac below:

About Switching the Field

We love soccer. We believe in its power to impact, influence, and inspire people. We also see a need for it to improve in the United States and the world. Unfortunately, many people involved in the game have limited resources and struggle to reach their desired goals. That's where we come in.

Switching the Field strives to help those most directly involved in the game - coaches, parents, and players - by providing a unique set of services to soccer organizations, as well as creating a variety of free online resources and other education-based programming. Through these efforts, we aim to help the soccer community fill the gaps in youth development and the sport to make the game better. Join us in our mission to make the beautiful game the best it can be for generations to come!