"I felt like I had a lot of questions and Zac was able to help me find the solutions to my questions. I also felt at ease with him... since he shared his previous experience and connected to mine. His feedback on my coaching points were pretty concise and easy to understand. I feel like the improvements I need to focus on are attainable. He kept his feedback professional and unbiased. I feel like I've grown and developed a lot in my coaching."

- Robert,Youth coach

"He was helpful and provided meaningful feedback that will help me improve as a coach... His sessions were simple yet they covered all of the topics he set out to cover. He spoke clearly, and he made sure that each person understood his coaching points, why he said certain things, his reasoning behind adjustments, etc."

- Jeff,Youth coach

"Great stuff. Exactly what we [the coaching staff] needed."

- Frank

Director of Coaching

"Very open and inviting to questions and great feedback... He always pushed me to improve, no matter how big or small that improvement was. He also taught me a lot about goalkeeping and really opened my eyes going forward in regards to goalkeeper coaching. No matter how big or small the improvement, he provided instruction of how to achieve that."

- Adam,Youth coach

"Good example of leadership and how coaches should act towards their players. For an individual not coaching for a career, it was extremely beneficial."

- Aaron

Youth coach and parent, child age 12

"I was very impressed with the presentation... It should be repeated in every sport."

- Matt

Youth coach and parent, children age 11 and 8

"Very knowledgeable and professional, easy to understand."

- Anonymous,Youth coach

"Feedback was very good because it challenged me to think about the big picture even when coaching the moment... tone was positive and engaging with me."

- Daniel

Youth coach and parent

"Great drills and great interaction with the players. Also, the handouts made sense. He was willing to discuss anything. He related well to the kids and exercised patience."

- Anonymous

Youth coach and parent

"Zac was extremely helpful and responsive. When I had questions, he understood what I was asking (sometimes even better than I did) and answered... without any run around. He added additional situations that I hadn't considered and in this manner promoted my growth and development. Zac was always respectful and professional, validating my questions and was never condescending despite having a deep understanding of the game. In his feedback regarding my practice field sessions, he provided positive comments along with areas to improve on, and he was never overly complimentary or overly critical, just very well balanced so it was easy to accept his feedback as objective and receive it in a non-defensive manner. Zac never made me feel stupid, especially knowing that I don't coach teams often... Thank you for all your help, Zac. I appreciate how patient and calm you are. You have a person-affirming way of guiding others and presenting both positive and negative feedback in a non-confrontational way."

- Merit

Youth coach and parent

"He bonded great with the younger kids. My son loved the energy... went to 4 clinics and loved them all... Tried to seek coaches and just chat briefly once he had the kids under control. Helped me get ideas and confidence from his composure and control of the drills. Always great to see instructor have players under control and then speak to the coaches and be able to answer questions."

- Madden

Youth coach and parent

"...makes the coaches feel like we're working hard for something of real value and importance. This mentality inspired us to become more passionate about coaching, and how critical it is for us to become the best we can be so that the kids who play for us can have the best possible experience... Overall a very rewarding experience... I'm chomping at the bit to practice what I've learned during the spring season."

- Clint,Youth coach

"I really appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to come work with me... I felt like the 1:1 help I received will make me an even better coach."

- Mike

High school coach and parent

"Great overview of soccer & training kids topics and great demonstrations with soccer training... I liked the amount of details he covered, very informative."

- Jack

Youth coach and parent, child age 12

"My daughter enjoyed the clinics and using the new skills she learned in the games."

- Anonymous, Parent

"I appreciated the attention to detail... helped me see things that I was not seeing... was great at asking me questions to help me understand the problem and solution... attention to detail made his instructions so helpful."

- Jonathan, Youth coach

"Provided constructive and actionable feedback... passion for the game and drive for excellence was motivating... able to simplify and communicate effectively... we can see and tell he cared."

- Steve

Youth coach and parent, child age 10

"It was a great chance to see the kids learn from someone else and, as I coach, learn new ways to teach them. Saw how to get the kids' attention and how they took the information in and used it. Since the instructor showed specific drills and techniques, the kids were able to concentrate on that specific drill. I thought the instructors worked well with all the kids and talked to us coaches about ways to teach them."

- Dave

Youth coach and parent, child age 11

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