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Mentoring for soccer clubs

Set your club apart. 

Develop better coaches, players, and teams.

Be the club everyone wants to join.

Is your soccer club achieving its goals? 


Do you experience conflicts or problems between coaches and parents?


Is your staff consumed with retaining players instead of building a great club?


Is your leadership consumed with day-to-day tasks instead of executing a long-term plan?


Are your players reaching their full potential individually and as a team?


Are your coaches consistently developing and using the latest best practices? 


Are parents fulfilling their role of supporting their children in the best ways possible?

Your answers to the above questions might be exposing some areas of opportunity for your club.


Leading a soccer club shouldn't be a hectic or stressful experience, where you feel like you're constantly putting out fires. 


You can build the club you’ve always wanted - without the stress. 

Set your club apart.

We help you create clarity so that everyone knows what you stand for.

Develop better coaches, players, and teams. 

Your club can improve in all areas every year with hands-on mentoring. 

Be the club everyone wants to join. 

Your program will be the obvious choice - it will sell itself. 

What makes Switching the Field Different? 

Our mentoring approach can help you develop every aspect of your club.


We treat every club and individual uniquely - not just offering the same online courses or cookie-cutter educational programs. Our mentoring guides you based on your unique philosophy, needs, and environment. Whether you are a coach, director, or club leader, we help you improve how you coach players, interact with parents, stand out from other clubs, and handle administrative responsibilities.


It’s this holistic, hands-on, personalized mentoring that creates real change in the clubs we work with. We bring a unique combination of years of soccer coaching experience and soccer-specific business expertise to help you build a great soccer club.


Every player needs a coach if he or she wants to grow. If you want to make your club great, you’ll need a mentor too.


We know how hard it is to build a strong program. Isn’t it time that you had some help?

We work with all types of clubs.

Small clubs


Recreational clubs


Low-income communities


Veteran coaches


Large metropolitan areas

Large clubs


Travel/Competitive clubs


Park districts


First-time coaches


Small towns

What Mentees Say

Clint Tallman

Youth Coach

Overall a very rewarding experience... I'm chomping at the bit to practice what I've learned during the spring season.

Adam Fieldhouse

Director of Coaching

Hoffman United Soccer Club

Always pushed me to improve... provided instruction on how to achieve that.

Rob Ruglio

Youth Coach

I feel like I’ve grown and developed a lot in my coaching.

Aaron Vasil

President & Head of Coaches

Reed-Custer Soccer Club

Good example of leadership and how coaches should act toward their players.

Frank DeAngelo

Director of Coaching

Addison United & Bloomingdale Lightning

Great stuff. Exactly what we needed.


Request a consultation. We'll find a time that fits your schedule. 


We develop a personalized plan to meet the needs of your club. 


Your club is mentored toward sustainable growth. 

Without a mentor, clubs get stagnant and stale.


Boards lack direction for what success looks like for their club. Coaching directors get burned out. Coaching staff find stronger clubs to work for. Parents look for better alternatives.


Without a mentor, soccer becomes a headache. The cost of trying to figure it all out alone is just too high.


It doesn't have to be that way.

Don’t let another season go by without a mentor.


Because we develop unique solutions for each organization's specific situation, we do not have a standard list of prices.

We are committed to providing effective  services to every type of soccer organization, within their financial means.

Contact us below to learn more about what we can offer your club!

Thank you. We will be in touch soon.

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