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May 30, 2019

A director of coaching at a youth club said to me last week, in a stressed way, that one of his coaches was running late. Since this was the week of tryouts, this was a more stressful and frustrating situation than usual. While expressing his disappointment and worry i...

January 29, 2019

When I first moved to where I currently live, the first job I had at a youth soccer club began in the spring, and after a few months, the club had their annual tryouts. Over the first few months before the tryout period, I had gotten to know most of the coaching staff...

May 11, 2016

 This was originally published as a 3-part series. Part 2 was written for clubs/coaches, while part 3 was written for parents/players. You can scroll directly to either of these sections below. For coaches and clubs, go to "There's a Better Way." For parents and player...

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Switching the Field

Switching the Field provides soccer clubs with hands-on mentoring so that they can grow - without the stress. Request a consultation for your soccer club by contacting us. 



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